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“All The Bright Places” Novel & Movie Tell Us About Teenagers With Life Struggles

What happens if a traumatized woman learns to survive from a man who intends to die? This unusual experience was experienced by Theodore Finch and Violet Markey, the two main characters in Jennifer Niven’s All the Bright Places novel. Fortunately, the movie adaptation of this novel can be watched on your favorite movie streaming websites today.

The novel released in 2015 tells the story of two teenagers, they are Finch and Violet, who have struggles in their lives. Finch had a mental illness and always thought of ways to end his life, but he always tried to find reasons to stay alive. Meanwhile Violet also has trauma from a traffic accident that claimed her sister’s life

The two teenagers met at the school bell tower when Violet was about to jump and Finch suddenly came to help her. Since then, they have become close to each other, especially when the two have to work together on a school project that requires them to explore the City of Indiana, the city where they live. You can watch their romantic exploration on

Over time, Violet was finally able to get out of her comfort zone thanks to Finch’s help, and she also tried to help Finch by giving him a reason to live. However, without them knowing, helping each other is not an easy thing to do.

This novel along with its movie adaptation reap some praises, one of which is the theme of the story that discusses several issues that are often experienced by teenagers. In addition, a well-written storyline also makes readers and audiences more interested in the content.

It touches sensitive issues that you won’t see in other teen novels and movies. Fans will always remember this book with its movie and they can read it over and over again. A lot of them really fell in love with the plot and the characters and the story was also written beautifully.

However, some also criticize that the story shows a less realistic picture of mental illness, especially if it is associated with aspects of romance.

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